There are now three apps on the App Store:  iAggravation, iAggravation Lite, and iAggravation 3D.  IAggravation is the full feature version.  The Lite and 3D versions only have one board type, limit marble types and do not keep statistics.


The first player to advance all of his marbles around the board to HOME position from the BASE position, wins.


A) From the game setup tab a player selects a player type: HUMAN, COMPUTER, or OFF for each MARBLE color. At least one color must be on.

B) You can choose your board style. The classic board is the actual board made by my grandfather years ago.

C) A random player is selected to play first, and then play proceeds clockwise from the first player.


Taking turns, a player rolls the dice and moves a marble the number of spaces equal to the number shown on the dice. The exception is that when doubles are rolled, the player rolls again if both dice were used on the first roll.


A Marble must be STARTED before it can advance around the board. To do this, it is moved from the BASE row to the START hole. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

This is achieved by rolling either a 6 or a 1. This only gets it positioned and then it can advance the value of the second die.


After starting a marble it is then advanced counter clockwise along the game path. The number of spaces it travels is equal to the number as shown on the dice. Select the MARBLE you wish to move. Possible moves will be displayed as colored rings. Select a ring to commit your move. See Figure 2.

Figure 2

A move can be undone by tapping the UNDO button. Computer moves cannot be undone, but may be replayed in case you missed it. Tap DONE to end your turn.

After a player has one or more marbles on the game path, when a 1 or 6 is rolled the player can either START another new marble or move an existing marble along the way. WARNING: If one of your marbles is already in the START hole, you are blocked from starting another marble. If you have no other marbles to move, or the available spaces open to move, your turn is lost.

Jumping over or landing on an opponent’s marble IS permitted. This is called “GETTING AGGRAVATED”.

Jumping over or landing on your own marbles is NOT permitted. If one of your own marbles prevents you from moving another marble the full count on the dice, then you are prevented from moving the “blocked” marble and your turn is forfeited.


If an opposing player turn stops on your marble exactly, your marble is AGGRAVATED and must go back to its BASE row without delay. The abandoned hole is now occupied by your opponents marble and the opponent scores bonus points.  The bonus points is based on the number of safe marbles. This AGGRAVATION can occur anywhere on the board except in their HOME or BASE locations.

A marble that is relocated back to its BASE by this AGGRAVATION, can only be moved to the START by rolling a 1 or 6 on your next turn as previously mentioned.

NOTE: If you roll a 1 or 6, when an opposition player happens to be momentarily stopped in your START hole, you can move a marble from your BASE to START and thereby AGGRAVATE your opponent and return his marble to its BASE.


CENTER HOLE SHORTCUT: One shortcut is the CENTER HOLE located in the game board center. To take this shortcut, first your marble must land on the CENTER HOLE with exact count of one or both die. See Figure 3.

Figure 3

When you move to the Center hole, rolling a 1 on a subsequent turn is the only way out. When you roll a 1 then you move to the closest corner HOLE that leads to your HOME spot.

BACK FOUR SHORTCUT: For this shortcut to be activated a marble must be on the START POSITION. If the roll of a die is four then your marble can be advanced clockwise back four spaces. See Figure 4.

Figure 4

CENTER CORNER SHORTCUT: For this shortcut to be activated a marble must start on a corner nearest the center hole. The marble can travel counter-clockwise to the other corners and exit the corner nearest your HOME spot.

Shortcuts are optional. They can be very beneficial because they reduce the time to advance around the board. But there are dangers! Your marble can be AGGRAVATED in the shortcut holes, just like in regular play!


When coming HOME you have to end by exact count on the dice.  Since you CANNOT jump over your own marbles your first marble must go to the farthest HOME position. As you advance each marble to HOME, the exact count on the dice is imperative. If the dice roll is more than the exact count, that marble cannot be advanced. Try to move another marble.  The HOME positions score a bonus of 16 points for 1st safe marble, 15 points for 2nd safe marble, etc…

If no marbles are available, your turn is over.


The first player to get all marbles to the HOME area … WINS!!


  • Back Four Mode: You can move back four from start with roll of a four on a die. Default is on.
  • Blockade Mode: You cannot jump over any marbles. Default is off.
  • Fast CPU Mode: The COMPUTER moves automatically to the next player. You don’t have to select DONE to advance player’s turn. If a human player has no move the next turn will automatically start after a short delay. Note: No replay is available in fast CPU Mode. Default is off.
  • Clockwise Mode: Set the game to clockwise. Default is off.
  • Corner Mode: When you can land on a center corner, you have the option of moving from corner to corner as a shortcut. Default is off.
  • Gravity Mode:  Inspired by the space board.  In this mode marbles are pulled into the sun.  If the marble stays on the sun for more than one turn it burns up.  Your marbles move when the roll button is pressed.  Marbles in BASE and farthest from the sun are not affected by the sun’s gravity and don’t move.  Marbles in HOME move toward the sun but are stopped from falling into the sun.  Same color marbles can’t land on each other.  Different color marbles get sent back to BASE. Default is off.
  • High Score Mode: Winner is the high scorer instead of first safe. Tie breaker is first safe.Default is off.
  • One Die Mode: Play with one die. Same rules except roll six allows you to roll again. Default is off.
  • Strict Dice Mode: In two dice mode, you must use both die if possible. Default is on
  • Partner Mode:  With even players, opposite players (yellow/green and red/blue with four players) play as a team. Strict dice mode is turned off in Partner Mode.Default is off
  • Partner Move:  Allow partners to move each other’s marbles.  If off players must wait until they have all four of their marbles safe at home before allowed to move their partner’s marbles.
  • Partner Send:  Allow partners to send each other back to their base. If off players will not be allowed to land on their partner’s marbles.
  • Partner Jump:  Allow partners to jump their partner’s marbles.
  • Thanks for the great feedback. If you like these variations and want more please rate my app on the App Store.


  • Show possible move path: Toggle showing the path the marble moves to a possible move. Default is off.
  • Possible move line thickness: Slide the line thickness from zero to ten points.  This effects both the path and the possible move rings.  Zero thickness will not display any path or rings on the screen; however, tapping the possible space will move the marble. Default is 4/10 points for iPhone/iPad
  • Marble Trail: Toggle whether the marble trails are shown along the path.  Trails do not appear when not in automatic mode because replay will show the trail.  Trails are cleared when Human player rolls and when exiting the view.  Default is off.
  • Hopping marbles:  Toggle whether the marble hops or slides along the path.  Space board always slides. Default is on (hop).
  • Computer Speed: Set how fast the marble moves on the path and how fast the computer “thinks”. Default is normal.
  • Swipes: Up and down swipes will toggle the showing or hidding of the tab bar. Swipe left or right to show the roll history.  Roll history will animate the starting and ending position of the displayed roll history.  Swiping only works during a human player’s turn. Swiping can can be confused with panning when board is zoomed.  Hint:  Swipe on the done button to avoid confusion with zoom.


Scoring is calculated in all game modes, but only used to select the winner in high score mode.  There are two ways to score points.  The 1st way is to “AGGRAVATE” another marble back to its BASE.  This score is based on the number of marbles HOME safe and is called the BONUS.  The BONUS is one more than the number of marbles HOME. The 2nd way to score is to get your marbles HOME safe.  This score is the reverse of the BONUS based on the number of marbles not HOME safe plus one.  The game starts with the BONUS equal to one.  Any opponent sent back to their BASE will score you the BONUS value.  As the game progresses and marbles reach the HOME spaces the BONUS is increased. If four marbles are HOME the BONUS is five.

In a four player game there are 16 marbles on the board.  The first marble HOME will score 16 points.  The second marble HOME will score 15 points.  In an eight player game there are 32 marbles on the board.  The first marble HOME will score 32 points.  The second marble HOME will score 31 points.  In high score mode this creates a dilemma, to rush to HOME for high points or delay going HOME for high BONUS


Peer to Peer (multi device mode) allows you to play up to 7 people on another device over a local wifi or bluetooth network. Make sure your wifi or bluetooth is on. Each device must be running iAggravation. From the “Startup Screen” select “Multiple Device Mode”. On the next screen you can either host a game or join a game. Only one player can host the game at a time. The host player invites players that are on the same wifi or bluetooth network. Remote players then accept the invitation. Once all players accept the invite, players can choose their marble color. Click “Continue Setup” to setup other game options. Finally select the “Play Game” tab to start playing.

If the connection gets interupted or a player leaves the game and then returns the host player may need to reinvite the player(s).

iAggravation Version History

  • 1.0 – 27 Feb 2012
    • Initial Release
  • 1.1 – 6 Mar 2012
    • Board rotation
    • Minor bug fixes, instruction
    • Better Computer AI
  • 1.2 – 13 Mar 2012
    • Selectable Computer AI
    • Added game variations: Blockade and fast CPU play
    • Added marble bounce to movement
  • 1.3 – 21 Mar 2012
    • New board style
    • Add option to turn off back four short cut
    • Sorry. Back four short cut broke on iPad. Fix in review at Apple.
  • 1.4 – 28 Mar 2012
    • Fix back four short cut on iPad.
    • Fix center short cut rule check.
    • Add double tap for zoom/unzoom
  • 1.5 – 13 May 2012
    • Added Statistics
  • 1.6 – 26 May 2012
    • Added Space Board theme.
  • 1.7 – 3 Jun 2012
    • Added game variation: One die mode.
    • Added shake to roll dice
  • 1.8 – 13 Jul 2012
    • Added corner mode
  • 1.9 – 18 Jul 2012
    • Fixed corner mode achievements
  • 2.0 – 13 Aug 2012
    • Fixed center marble removal error
  • 2.1 – 6 Sep 2012
    • Fixed another center marble removal error
    • Corner mode had more possible moves to check than I originally thought
  • 2.2 – 24 Sep 2012
    • added support for 4 inch screen on iPhone 5
    • Sorry. Getting reports of issue on iOS5. I’m working a fix ASAP. IOS6 is working except yellow player.
  • 2.3 – 15 Oct 2012
    • Fixed iOS 5 issue
    • Fixed yellow player selection
    • Thank you for being patient while issues with Xcode and iOS update were fixed.
  • 2.4 – 26 Nov 2012
    • Added Clockwise game mode
  • 2.5 – 24 Jan 2013
    • Fixed Corner mode error
    • Added upside-down orientation
    • improved computer AI
  • 2.6 – 31 Jan 2013
    • Fix upside down orientation for iPad iOS 5.1
  • 2.7 – 7 Feb 2013
    • Updated beach background
    • Updated space background
    • Added automatic next turn in fastCPU mode when no move is possible.
  • 2.8 – 6 Mar 2013
    • New! Marble changer and creator!
    • Added more planets as marbles
  • 2.9 – 13 Mar 2013
    • NEW! Added score to game.
    • Fix potential memory leak
  • 3.0 – 2 May 2013
    • NEW!! High score play mode — Winner is high score verses first safe. Requires totally new game strategy
    • NEW!! Add score on board — Displays score on the board
    • NEW!!  Strict Dice Mode — Must use both dice if possible
    • NEW!! Add human player names — assign names to the colored marbles
    • NEW!! New statics to keep track of high scores, number of wins/loses, etc…
  • 3.1 – 16 May 2013
    • Bug fixes
    • Added start for winning marble in stats.
  • 7.0 – 17 Sep 2013
    • Update for iOS 7
    • Note version numbering now inline with iOS number.
  • 7.0.1 – 14 Nov 2013
    • Added landscape views
  • 7.0.2 – 20 Nov 2013
    • Fixed background in space mode.
  • 9.3.1 – 13 Sep 2016
    • Recoded in Swift. Updated for iOS9.
    • Removed statistic tab that was broke for iOS9
    • Added new backgrounds and marble styles
      • removed custom marble maker
    • Added party board for 1 to 8 players.
  • 9.3.2 – 3 Oct 2016
    •  Added advanced settings
  • Lite 1.0 –  5 Oct 2016
    • Released lite version of iAggravation
  • 9.3.3 – 10 Oct 2016
    • bug fix
  • Lite 1.0.1 – 11 Oct 2016
  • 9.3.4 – 13 Oct 2016
    • Fixed bug in one die mode that caused a crash
  • 9.3.5 – 24 Oct 2016
    • Fixed corner mode bugs
    • Fixed blockage mode bugs
    • Added large marble advance setting
    • Enhanced replay/undo animations
  • Lite 1.0.2 – 24 Oct 2016
    • Fixed corner mode bugs
    • Fixed blockage mode bugs
  • 9.3.6 – 31 Oct 2016
    • Fixed bug on small screens that caused die to collapse
    • Fixed bug in corner mode
  • 9.3.7 – 13 Nov 2016
    • Statistic have been completed
    • Other bug fixes
  • Lite 1.0.3 – 13 Nov 2016
    • Bug fixes
  • 9.3.8 – 22 Nov 2016
    • Fixed bug in blockade mode and corner mode.
    • Classic, modern, beach and space boards now display faster (no lag time)
    • Fixed statistics bugs
    • Added two dice statistics
    • Added score sorting modes persistence
    • Updated instructions
  • Lite 1.0.4 – 22 Nov 2016
    • Fixed bug in blockade mode and corner mode.
  • 9.4.0 – 30 Nov 2016
    • NEW!  Gravity Mode: Inspired by the space board.  In this mode marbles are pulled into the sun. If the marble stays on the sun for more than one turn it burns up.  Your marbles move when the roll button is pressed.  Marbles in BASE and farthest farthest from the sun are not affected by the sun’s gravity and don’t move.  Marbles in HOME move toward the sun but are stopped from falling into the sun.  Same color marbles can’t land on each other.  Different color marbles get sent back to BASE.
  • 9.4.1 – 12 Dec 2016
    • Added new achievements
    • fixed buges
  • 9.4.2 – 2 Jan 2017
    • Added Marble Trails:  Toggle whether the marble trails are shown along the path.  Trails do not appear when not in automatic mode because replay will show the trail.  Trails are cleared when Human player rolls and when exiting the view.  Default is off.
    • Added Roll History:  Swipe left or right to show the roll history.  Roll history will animate the starting and ending position of the displayed roll history.  Swiping only works during the human player’s turn.
    • Consolidated game play options for iPad on one screen.
  • 9.4.3 – 10 Jan 2017
    • Fixed bug where unordered dice statistic with zero rolls caused a division by zero crash.
    • Other bug fixes.
  • Lite 1.0.8 – 14 Aug 2017
    • Fixed bug in blockade mode and corner mode.
  • 10.0.0 – 14 Aug 2017
    • Added Peer to Peer Mode.



26 comments on “iAggravation

  1. bob vanorsdale says:

    For iAggravation, I’d like to see 3 new options.
    1. Move clockwise rather than counter clockwise
    2. For center shortcut, have ability to exit on any corner rather than only the one closest to your home
    3. For corner shortcut, have ability to exit down any path rather than only the one closest to your home


    • bob vanorsdale says:

      I’m also discovering a bug or two:
      1. Occasionally, when I’m on the first corner from my start, I’m unable to take the corner shortcut which allows me to set an opponents marble on my home path. I rolled a 5, but the game would not allow a move that had me exit on my home path and set the opponent.
      2. When a computer opponent uses the corner shortcut, he sets any marble on the corner that he is passing over, not just the one at the move end

      • John Millhouse says:

        When you say “set” do you mean send back to base? Have you checked that you have the options set correctly. You may also need to do a two step move if using two dice mode. Play the 1st die then play the 2nd die. For example if you roll 3 and 4 and an opponent is 3 jumps from you. If you select the space 7 jumps from you, your marble will jump over the opponent 3 jumps from you because it doesn’t know if you meant 3 and 4 spaces or 4 and 3 spaces.

    • John Millhouse says:

      1. To activate clockwise mode hold iPhone next to a mirror. 🙂

      2. I’ve never played this way. If I get a big demand and time I may add it.

      3. You can exit from any corner if starting from that corner. But only the home corner if in the middle of a move.

      The more paths I have to keep track of really complicates the code.

  2. Diane says:

    I just purchased and it just crashes every time I try to play please fix this

    • John Millhouse says:

      Yes. I just found out today my iOS 6 update makes iOS 5 crash. I’m working a fix. It appears to work with iOS 6. Have you upgraded?

  3. Paula Valadez says:

    Need to fix a problem you have with the game. The computer players freeze up when they come out of base, with a 1 & 4 or 4 & 6, when it is the only move to make. They can go out and forward or come out and back 4. The computer gets confused and freezes at this point. It ruins a good game. It says “computer thinking,” freezes there.

    • John Millhouse says:

      I’ll work on a fix. Try turning off strict play mode.

    • John says:

      I have not been able to recreate. Does it happen at the start if first roll is 1 & 4 or 4 & 6? Have you updated to the latest version? What iPad or iPhone are you using?

      • Paula Valadez says:

        It has been working better lately. I thought I was the only one doing come out and back four, the computer is getting the hang of it. The other computer players are doing it now. Giving me competition. Also this is true of center and corners.

  4. Paula Valadez says:

    I have a wooden board Aggravation game for 4 or 6 players, played with 2 decks of cards.

    • John Millhouse says:

      What are rules for card play?

      • Paula Valadez says:

        Two decks of cards with the jokers. You can play partners. Our board you can play from 2 persons up to 6 persons. 2 or 3 sets of partners. One side of our board is a 4 players, other side of board is for 6 players. Sometimes we have two boards going at a time.
        We have these rules printed so each player has a list of rules.

        1. To begin: Each player picks a card, the highest card deals ( deals 7 cards each) Player to the left of dealer starts.
        2. To get out: You need a King, Ace or Joker.
        For moving:
        3. JOKER counts 15
        4. ACE Counts either: 1 or 11
        5. KING counts 13
        6. QUEEN counts 12
        7. JACK. MUST be used to switch with another player’s marble.
        8. SEVEN counts for 7 or can be spit between two of your own marbles.
        9. FOUR may ONLY move backwards 4.
        10. All other cards face value.
        11. You can NOT jump over any marbles.
        12. When in your home slot you can NOT move backwards.
        13. If playing partners, you can help your partner after ALL your marbles are out.
        14. Partners cannot send each other back to base.
        15. You MUST have the exact amount to go home, or else you keep going around the board again.
        16. After the first set of 7 cards each are finished the dealer deals out another set. You do this till the deck is finished, then the person on left shuffles and is now the dealer.

        Hole in the center: player must be I their start row and must have the exact number to reach the center hole. Only ACE gets you out! And out at the row going up to your home.


      • John Millhouse says:

        Sounds fun. But difficult to program. I may have to change some rules to make it work on a small screen.

  5. Paula Valadez says:

    I forgot to tell you that if you can not move you forfit a card.

  6. Debra Hiatt says:

    Aggravation game is so jacked up!
    If your roll press a couple times on dice thrown your get any # you want, roll again and do the same thing again and you can keep doing this and win every single game!
    Waste of money, this game should be
    Pulled off of

    • John Millhouse says:

      Hello Debra,
      The game is not “jacked up”. I designed changing dice when tapped as a debug tool during development to test different dice roll against the game logic. As a fun “Easter egg” I left in the code but display a message that you are cheating. If you undo your cheat it displays a message you’re forgiven. In high score mode cheaters score is set to zero. If you want to cheat that is up to you. The computer players never cheat.

    • John Millhouse says:

      I removed the cheat in version 9.3.2.

  7. Jonathan Graves says:

    At the end of every turn, the app shuts off. If this can’t be fixed, can I have a refund? I bought the $1.99 version.

    • John Millhouse says:

      Try deleting and downloading again. If that doesn’t work please send me what iOS and device you are using.

  8. Dan says:

    Great till OS 10 upgrade. Then nothing seems to work according to the rules. Or optional rules set. ie. corner mode,

    • John Millhouse says:

      What device (iPhone or iPad) are you using? What version of iAggravation are you using? I target iOS 9.3 for my old iPad users, but it works fine on my iPhone 7 plus running iOS 10. Latest version of iAggravation is 9.3.8; however, 9.4.0 is coming out soon.

    • John Millhouse says:

      Any specific help you can give me I’ll try to fix. Human players and Computer players seem to be following the rules during my testing, but I can’t test every roll combination. I’ll admit that the computer moves fast and I may miss errors. When the computer moves fast I had to make sure the next move waits for the marbles to end. Thanks to my loyal users I have been able to correct hard to fine logic errors. When I play human only or slow the computer down it works as designed.

  9. Paula Carnell says:

    When I view the instructions (ipad) there is no way back to the game. I have to remove the game from the playspace.

    • John Millhouse says:

      Thanks for the comment. Two solutions. 1) Rotate iPad to portrait and tab bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. 2) swipe up at the edge of the instructions and the tab bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Use the tab bar to return to your game.

  10. John Millhouse says:

    Version 10.0.0 has a bug that may cause some new users to crash. Sorry I missed this in testing. The fix will be released soon.

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