Millhouse Engineering is continuing the tradition of software development since 1980.  I started programming on the original Apple ][.  I got my BSEE from Ohio University with the help of my Apple IIe.  For my MSEE, I updated to my first macintosh computer the Performa 450.   I hope you enjoy my first adventure in to iOS development with my app the Roman Calculator.  Also check out my free app Dial  Timer and best selling game iAggravation.  Latest app is iKnockOut an educational board game.

John Millhouse


2 comments on “About

  1. Dawn says:


    So rarely do we get a chance to talk to actual board game makers (or their Grandsons’)! Back in 1979 my boyfriend and I would play aggravation for hours and hours. Living in MN we had long winters with plenty of time. No internet or home computers – yet.

    I’d love to thank your Grandfather for so many wonderful hours playing his game. Now it’s 2016 and my ‘boyfriend’ and I just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary.

    I’ve been looking for Aggravation in stores but I want the original board with actual marbles.. Today, on a whim, I searched for it at the istore. SCORE!!

    Now even better – we can play this app anytime, anywhere!

    Dawn Majerus

  2. John Millhouse says:

    Thank you. I love positive feedback. The classic board, dice and marbles are actual photographs of the real thing. I’m hoping to get an update out this summer for iOS 9. Sorry some of the statistics functions broke with the latest iOS update.

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