IAggravation update

Version 9.3.2 adds advance controls to toggle marble hopping, showing path and thickness.  It also fixes zooming and other minor errors.  


19 comments on “IAggravation update

  1. Mary Jo Cascio says:

    IAggravation lets me make 1 move then pops me out since last update. Now can’t play. What’s up?

  2. John Millhouse says:

    You got me puzzled. Try deleting the old version before downloading new. Also try changing board type and number of player to 8 and then back to 4. Set the game settings to default. Turn partner mode off. Reset the game so the done button says start.

  3. Mary Jo Cascio says:

    Hi John. It’s the same problem with single dice, 4 players, one human. Aiyeee! Pops me out after each move.

    • John Millhouse says:

      I finally got home to test it and found the error. In one die mode it is trying to set the unused die to zero, but I don’t have an image for a zero die so it crashes. The good news is the party board doesn’t use images so you can continue playing the game until I fix the other boards. Thanks so much for helping me trouble shoot the app. There are so many options it is hard to test every variation.

      • Mary Jo Cascio says:

        Glad to help. But you’re the genius! I do love this game.

      • Mary Jo Cascio says:

        Hi John,

        I’ve been playing wth 2 dice. I have set the game play to blockade for me & 3 computer players.

        1. Blockade does not always work for me or computer players.
        2. Almost always, when it indicates that my play will be blocked for a certain move, and I know it’s a valid move, I just make the move & it lets me (even though it shows a circle with a line through it).


        Mary Jo

      • John Millhouse says:

        Blockade only or are playing corner mode also. What version number do you have? Latest is version 9.3.7.

      • Mary Jo Cascio says:

        Blockade & corner mode. Have latest version.

  4. John Millhouse says:

    I found what you described (see picture above). In corner mode the bug starts checking for blocked spaces starting at the start space (not the selected marble) since the selected marble is not on a corner path until it get to the corner and it sees the blue marble as a blocking marble. The fix is to start checking for blocks at the first corner not the start.

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